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NU TRIATHLON had an AMAZING time at MECTC Conference Champs!

12 of our finest soldiers battled it out this weekend down in Muncie, IN against all the teams in our conference! Everyone did a great job!!!!!!!!!!

Click HERE for our race results! 

The team headed down to Muncie Indiana near Ball State University for the MECTC Championships. The race was through a choppy reservoir and rolling hills with crops all around, which created a very challenging environment for the athletes! Still, all 12 members finished the race! 

Here are some highlights from the race:


2) Coach Brett watched and cheered the whole time! He told us to work on transitions...oops. 

3) AGAIN we had 4 girls! WOOOT!!!

4) We had a delicious pasta dinner at Will Lassman's house before the race! Check out this delicious looking dish! 


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WOW! What a great weekend the team had at Sylvania Triathlon in Ohio!

The team did exceptionally well, with 3 of the boys finishing in the top 10 for collegiate, and all of the women finishing within the top 10 for collegiate (yes, there were only 9 women, but that's not something we need to discuss....) lol. 

Results for the race can be found here

Highlights of the race:

1) Emmy completed her first olympic tri! Go EMMY!!!

2) Jon got third for Collegiate men! WOW JON!

3) We had a free pasta dinner in a CHURCH OMG!!! 
<![CDATA[Evergreen Lake!]]>Mon, 15 Jul 2013 14:31:14 GMThttp://northwesterntriathlon.com/race-blog/evergreen-lakePicture
The team had an AWESOME time at Evergreen Lake Triathlon this weekend! We had 7 members participate in the Olympic Length race, and everyone did an outstanding job. 

On the Men's team...

Johan lead the team finishing in 4th place overall for the collegiate men! He had our fastest overall bike split of 01:02:56! Congratulations Johan!

Nikhil finished next in 5th place for collegiate men! He flew through the run with an astounding time of 00:37:34! WOW! Great job Nikhil!

Will flew in next coming in 8th place for the collegiate men! He had an impressive race, and topped it off with the 10th fastest T1 in the entire race! 43 seconds! Keep it up, Will!

Jon came in 10th for collegiate men, our 4th teammate in the top ten! He also had our fastest overall swim of 00:23:10! That was the 14th fastest swim time of the whole race! Great job, Jon!

Michael hopped into 12th place for collegiate men! He was only 4 seconds from breaking the 40mn mark on his 10k, and he's bound to do it next time! Solid race, Michael! 

Nour finished in 14th overall for collegiate men, a fantastic finish for one of our youngest members! According to his stats, his run pace was 22 minutes per mile because he lost his timing chip in the water! How he managed to get 14th with that pace, we'll never know! Just kidding, wonderful job Nour!

On the Women's team...

Claire was our only female racer, and she came in 7th overall for collegiate women! She PRed with a time of 02:54:10, her first race under 3 hours!

For more information, check out the results page from evergreen: 

Besides racing, the team had a lot of fun hanging out, enjoying lots of food and laughs! We're really looking forward for more races to come this season! 

<![CDATA[ROCKFORD]]>Fri, 14 Jun 2013 20:40:26 GMThttp://northwesterntriathlon.com/race-blog/rockfordEveryone had a great time at Rockford this weekend! Here's a little info from the weekend!

The race was Saturday June 14! While it was raining and not ideal conditions, it was a good course. However, there were some slight problems with organization, and this caused some glitches on our end in the race! 

Will finished first on our team! Congratulations will!
Jon crashed going around a tight curve on his bike (it was raining), but we all know he can handle a little race-time drama from nationals!

Johan ran 7.5 miles on the run (he was top 6 but race volunteers weren't at a turn, so he and 5 other guys kept running straight and so he got behind).

Nikhil's brakes were on his tire for the first 3 miles of the bike so he went ~15 miles/ hour instead of his standard 30 mph. 

Johan also clipped his shoes on the wrong pedals, so he ended up biking with his right foot in his left shoe and vice versa. 

The race seemed pretty smooth for Michael, Ben, and Kate...hahaha. 

Brett also raced and the guys had fun cheering him on. 

Jason, Rich, Nour, Michael and Jaclyn sat in the car to hide from the rain, and Rich read them advice from Cosmo. 

Overall, the team had a great time, and we're looking forward to Evergreen on July 16th! Stay tuned for our RACE BLOG from that! 

For photos from the race, check out our facebook page!

<![CDATA[Memphis in May!]]>Tue, 21 May 2013 03:46:13 GMThttp://northwesterntriathlon.com/race-blog/memphis-in-may
11 team members headed down south this weekend (May 17-19) for the annual Memphis in May  "Salute to Sweden" Triathlon! Everyone had a great time! 

The team travelled down caravan style in four cars all the way from Evanston, IL! We arrived at packet pickup around 3pm on Friday and then headed to our campsite, which was on a beautiful lake. Here's a picture of our site with the cars and bikes being unloaded! 
Racing! Sprinters and Olympians! 

Click here for results of all participants! 

The team participated in both the Sprint and Olympic Distance races this weekend, with one of our members, William Lassman, participating in both races in the "Amateur Challenge." For two of our sprinters, Renne Hensiek and Sara Griffiths, this was their first race with the team! Here's a picture of all four of our sprinters! 
From Left to Right: Sara Griffiths, Renee Hensiek, William Lassman, Samantha Sainsbury 
The Olympic Race was a ton of fun! All of our athletes scored in the top eight for their age groups, and four of our athletes qualified for age group nationals! GO 'CATS! 

William Lassman also scored 15th in the Amateur Challenge, which was good enough to earn him a clean $75! GO WILL! 

To see pictures from the race, click here 

The whole gang!
Mr. and Mrs. Barbera

The team was also lucky enough to have some great help this weekend from Mr. and Mrs. Barbera and Jaclyn and Michael! We could NOT have done this weekend without you guys! Thanks for helping out :)

Jaclyn and Michael