Happy 2014. It's great to be back and see so many of you at practice!

I hope everyone is doing well. Good luck with classes, and stay on top of training as best as you can. 

There's lots of important info on here, so please read! 


1) Nationals MEETING: Tuesday, January 21st from 7:30 - 9 PM in L211. This meeting is MANDATORY if you are going to nationals. If you have a valid excuse (class or something else important), please let Nikhil know as soon as possible! 

2) DAYTON INDOOR TRI! If you are doing the race, you should have received an email about it from Jason. If you didn't receive this email, let me know and I will forward it to you!

3) Bike Clinic will be Sunday, January 26th after spin. This will be a really important session where we will learn about bike maintenance, so please plan on coming if you can. We've had a lot of flat tires on the road, so if you don't know how to fix one, you should DEFINITELY come so you don't get stranded! 

4) Nutrition Contest! We will be having a contest through our nutritionist, Linda! I will be sending out the info for this in a separate email, so stay tuned! 

5) Cycling Kits

Michael will email the team information with information on ordering uniforms and cycling kits within the next month. Here are some details.

-Uniforms: By popular demand we will be getting the Fluid Plus triathlon tops ($56, women have no zippers, men have half zips) and the Fluid triathlon shorts ($49, slightly longer, with elastic leg grippers). The design will be identical to last year. If you plan to race at nationals and do not have an NU Triathlon uniform from previous years, you need to buy one of these new uniforms.

-Cycling Kits: We are getting the Velocity jersey ($70) and Velocity bib shorts ($77) again this year, but we are completely reworking the design. Please send Michael (michaelknudson2017@u.northwestern.edu) any ideas, sketches, or designs for a fun "sponsor" for which we could make a logo to put on the jersey.

Some examples from last year:
Draft Legal Public House
Dick and Willy's Plumbing
Cracked Cog Theatre Co.
tan(u) Racing

Michael would love your input!


1) Half Marathon is in 2 weeks! Stay tuned for info about getting there!

2) VQ starts this week. We'll be taking the bikes up Wednesday morning, so if you do VQ you will be getting an email about that soon. 

3) If you're doing VQ, or planning on racing at Dayton or Nationals, MAKE SURE TO GET VAN CERTIFIED. You can get details for that here. You must complete this by FEBURARY 1, unless you have a valid excuse, or we will hunt you down. Once you are van certified, please fill out this form. 


1) BL Tuesday this week? 730? 

2) After the half marathon: we will be having all you can eat sushi at toderoki for dinner and then we'll be heading to my place for a party/mario cart competition! 


Shout out to all of you who went through recruitment. Good luck/ congrats if you're done! 

If you have any submissions (race reports or announcements for the team) for the TWT please email me at 



And the winner is....

                                                                   A TIE BETWEEN 

                          JASON                                                                                     NIKHIL 
"exec breakfast"
"claire's jeans"


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